LOS ANGELES | JUN 15, 2023

On June 15, 2023, Social4M successfully hosted “The Rise of Vinyl” at Deep Canyon Drive!

Fred Croshal, Gil Gastelum, and Jen Wood didn’t just talk vinyl; they spun and rocked the house with their talent and passion! The event was a music lover’s dream, as they talked about what goes on behind making music and selling records.

If you weren’t there, you missed out on some noteworthy insights. Thankfully, we got you covered:

  • Vinyl Mania: We dived into the incredible resurgence of vinyl sales, with records flying off the shelves like hotcakes.
  • Independent Artists’ Goldmine: Imagine this: selling just one vinyl record can be as financially rewarding as streaming your music a whopping 10,000 times! We explored how indie artists are cashing in on the vinyl craze.
  • Record Labels’ Wake-Up Call: It turns out that fans are craving the tactile experience of physical copies. Record labels have finally caught on and are now releasing vinyl alongside albums to satisfy their audience’s hunger.
  • Latin Market Unleashed: Hold onto your hats! The Latin music scene is on the cusp of joining this vinyl revolution, adding its own irresistible flair and rhythm to the mix.

This event wouldn’t be a chart-topping success without our partners: UBS, Higginbotham, and Compass. Thank you for being our number-one supporters!


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