Shifting Perspectives: Immersive Travel for
Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals

The Griffin Club, Los Angeles | FEB 1, 2024

The weather in Los Angeles was unexpectedly gloomy on February 1, 2024, but this didn’t dampen the spirits of Social4M members on their way to The Griffin Club for “Shifting Perspectives: Immersive Travel for Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals.”

The event featured a short and intimate discussion with Jimmy Carroll,  Co-Founder and Business Development Director of luxury travel company Pelorus. He is not only an experienced traveler but a full-on adventurer! He is a former British army captain and expedition manager for Mount Everest’s largest medical research expedition.

Thanks to Jimmy’s expertise, attendees discovered the beauty of tailored experiences! High-end trips know no bounds, whether luxurious yachting or optimal wildlife getaways. It was a whole new world, and Jimmy revealed how UNHWIs can explore it efficiently and safely.

“Shifting Perspectives: Immersive Travel for Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals” was made possible by Pelorus, UBS, Higginbotham, and Compass.

Travel expert Jimmy Carroll, along with Social4M founder Anthony Davenport and two other attendees

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