In the Spotlight: Conversation with MJ the Musical Star, Myles Frost

Kingsley Napley, London | 29 APR, 2024

Myles Frost, MJ Musical lead actor and youngest Tony Award winner, graced Social4M’s first UK event this year!

Myles’s captivated the audience in Kingsley Napley not only with his raw insights on theatre acting but also with his brilliance and genuine love for his craft. He talked about his journey, from being in a band in middle school and acting in his first musical in high school to being cast for MJ: The Musical. Myles even sang snippets of songs he used to play on the piano, showing off his beautiful voice!

The young actor emphasized that young entertainers like him should learn how the business works. He said it can be exciting to have someone believe in them, but it’s essential to be careful.

Myles, who started in theatre without a management team, credits his mother for creating a network of professionals over the years to help him. He said artists need to network as it will help them succeed in other artistic endeavours and get more opportunities. Most importantly, he encouraged them to enlist a great financial and legal team to avoid getting trapped in contracts.

Renowned journalist Brenda Emmanus embodied her role as moderator. She masterfully facilitated the conversation, asking Myles questions that enhanced the discussion and deepened the audience’s understanding.

Social4M would like to thank our sponsors, Kingsley Napley, Miller Insurance, Voly Music, and Woburn Partners, for making this event possible.

Check out our next event in London on 30 May!

Social4M founder Anthony Davenport with Myles Frost and Brenda Emmanus

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