From Playbooks to Scripts: How Athletes Can
Score Big on the Silver Screen

The Griffin Club, Los Angeles | APR 18, 2024

Jarrod Bunch and Adam Griffin shared valuable insights about transitioning from sports to acting during their discussion at “From Playbooks to Scripts: How Athletes Can Score Big on the Silver Screen” on April 18!

Bunch, a former football player turned actor, revealed his career transition journey. He went to acting classes and took on commercial ads before getting his big break. Bunch said he used the same mindset he has as an athlete, which is to train for every project just as he trains for every game.

Meanwhile, Griffin dived into the nitty gritty of hiring actors for film and TV shows. The executive producer talked about the importance of networking with managers and directors and finding one’s niche. Griffin also shed light on typecasting in acting, emphasizing how you can improve looks and skills to land a broader range of roles.

The audience also didn’t miss a beat in sharing their insights! We thank our moderator, Morgan Stinson, for facilitating a healthy discussion on career transitions in the entertainment industry.

From Playbooks to Scripts” is an event supported by the NFLPA Former Players Los Angeles Chapter. Social4M would like to thank UBS, Higginbotham, and Compass for making this event possible.

Athlete-turned-actor Jarrod Bunch, accounting professional Morgan Stinson, and executive producer Adam Griffin

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